Essential Tips For New Entrepreneurs

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Conventional business advice is not always working well to all small businesses.

Well, while keeping that in mind, think about the following tips intended for small businesses.

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Firstly, do not aim to match or beat prices offered by competitors.

Smaller businesses know that they can’t compete with other larger businesses when it comes to prices. Consider this challenge, smaller businesses have the chance to offer other experiences that may compensate or even stand out from prices alone. Though price will share into the overall impression to consumers, but as price is combined with experience, it won’t be the biggest factor to consider.

Second, deliver customer service that makes a lasting impression.

A case of cupcake shop Nomelie Cupcakes shows a once dying business because absence of quality control on product quality and lack of good customer service. However, the owners have fortunately brought their business back to life by making the business customer centric. The goal of the Nomelie Cupcakes owners was to give the best customer service possible and to make it happen they needed to offer more than just cupcakes. Soon, their business became the forefront of major community events and initiatives helping their business to grow each day compensating the sales that were lost and gaining more.


And lastly, formulate a loyalty program that encourages repeat customers.

Loyalty programs are offered to increase customer retention and more spending by big and small businesses. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the key is formulating a program that is accessible and easy to use for al. In addition, they added to give extra TLC to your customers. Make your customers’ experience of your business a great one and one that they want to experience once more.


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