Eli Leova

Certified Payroll Manager

“I wanted to personally thank you for all your support, courage andhelp you gave us during the last two semesters. You are an amazing, first person and then Teacher.   Never limit yourself toshare your knowledge and experience with us.

Not many teachers are like you (incredible).

I wish you all the best in your future plans and hope to see you soon.” Aug 5, 2012

Heather Wilson

VP SAP Business Lead, Canada Bread Company, Limited

“As project leader, Maria planned regular team meetings to gather updates and share information so all stakeholders contributed or were informed as appropriate. She ensured key actions were noted and highlighted to the group. Where items seemed to linger unnecessarily, she sought input from others (more senior and more junior) on how to close the issue/action and then tracked them to completion. I found Maria personable, prompt to respond and hard working.” April 10, 2012

Chris Agaiby

IS Trainer, Maple Leaf Foods

“Maria is a dedicated and knowledgeable payroll professional with extensive managerial and payroll experience, including payroll system software. Maria exemplifies leadership and is an effective communicator, as well as an excellent change agent. I had the opportunity to work with Maria on an HR project. The Employee HR system was being converted from Legacy to SAP. Throughout the project Maria ensured quality of all deliverables, to the extent that payroll had to be 100% accurate as required :-).” February 21, 2012

Maria Malinac


“Maria always had a smile on her face. I enjoyed working with her . Maria always acted very professional with clients and her staff.” February 11, 2012

Navi Sharma

“Maria is the best teacher I had in humber college. She is full of payroll knowledge and I will be so proud to work with her. Keep up the good work Maia.”December 24, 2013

Michael Hynson


“Maria is a payroll expert that I would recommend to any business. She keeps up to date on payroll issues and is an expert that I would rely on for information.”December 12, 2013

Rudmila Matin

“Maria is one of my best favourite teacher I have had in Humber college. She taught me PCL and can tell that her teaching is so much dedicated that the subject becomes interesting by itself. I admire her alot ,her indepth knowledge on Payroll and has added my interest in this subject. She has not only helped me learn,but also developed me in many ways both professional n personal. I love the way she teaches with patience and love ,making the class fun-filled and enjoyable. She is not only my teacher but also my mentor , true friend, my guide , and not the least “TRUE PAYROLL PROFESSIONAL.”October 2, 2012

Meena Dhanota

“Maria Alfano was one of my best teacher in Humber College through Canadian Payroll Association. She is my friend, my coach and my mentor. She teaches her students from the heart and not from the book. She enjoys teaching and was able to make learning enjoyable by telling real life stories related with the course. She has a very pleasant personality and always has a smile on her face. Maria has helped me learn and grow inwardly and outwardly. She always encouraged us to work hard. I was impressed about her knowledge, in regards to Payroll. She is a true Payroll Professional. I absolutely recommends her.”August 23, 2012

Diane Kolobaric

“I sit here thinking about what to say about Maria that already has not been said. Maria is a wonderful instructor. She has a way of making the confusing concepts in payroll understandable and has a special way of teaching that makes students remember.
She has vast payroll knowledge and is constantly keeping up to date on payroll issues.
I thank Maria for sharing her knowledge and experiences with me and wish her success in all future endeavors.”August 23, 2012

Rosanne Madio

“I had the great pleasure of having Maria as an instructor for several classes in the last three years through The Canadian Payroll Association. Maria has a wealth of knowledge together with her extensive experience and outgoing personality, bringing a very valuable and enjoyable learning experience to the classroom. From personal experience, Maria has not only helped me learn, but grow and gain confidence in myself. Maria is a true payroll professional role model that I would like to aspire to. I would absolutely recommend her.” August 6, 2012