MT Alfano Enterprises specializes in all things payroll!

From ‘no frills’ payroll processing at reasonable costs to driving efficiencies within your payroll area, MT Alfano Enterprises delivers in all areas of payroll, employee data maintenance, month end and year end.

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1 – Payroll Processing

• Complete end to end payroll processing

• Includes period end, month end, year end

• Includes remittances

• All at a fraction of the cost of brand name service providers



2 – Enhanced training for Canadian payroll including:

• Legislation

• Employment Standards

• Employee Benefits

• Federal Year End

• Provincial Year End


3 – Customized training to meet company specific requirements

• For a sample training presentation send a request to:


4 – Review your company policies and procedures

• We ensure that they meet government legislation and employment standards.

• We help create synergies within your organization.  We identify gaps and streamline processes to drive profitability and productivity.


5 – Mentor-ship Program

• We help Payroll Professionals advance their careers

• Receive one on one training, coaching and guidance on skill set, mind set, and interview techniques.


6 – Resumè creation and revamping that double your chances for winning interviews

• Resumès are payroll specific

• Resumès are job description specific

• Resumès are reviewed and written by professionals with many years of payroll and hiring experience

• Resumès that highlight the best payroll skills currently in your repertoire