MT Alfano Enterprises is a Canadian Payroll information site that compiles the most up to date Canadian Payroll information for national and global employers of Canadians.

As senior managing partner, Maria Alfano is an authority on all things “Canadian” when it comes to paying employees accurately.  She has analyzed needs and developed effective strategies for employers across Canada, the US and UK.

Maria is a results driven senior payroll professional with extensive experience and success in driving change in processes for a streamlined functioning payroll department, implementing new software, cutting costs and maximizing business opportunities while ensuring legislative compliance is maintained.  She is recognized as a change agent with documented ability to lead a project and meet objectives of any organization looking to turn payroll into a full service  department – going beyond the simple data entry, creating high quality engaged staff and reducing turnover.

Maria is a Certified Payroll Manager with the Canadian Payroll Association; a seasoned Payroll Professional with 20+ years in the industry dealing with provincial legislation across Canada (all provinces and territories).  She manages multi-jurisdictional payroll, manages teams across the country, works with strategic planning using Six Sigma methodologies, maintains legal and regulatory compliance, builds strong teams through leadership and departmental restructure.

For a combined 20 years Maria has been training Canadian Payroll to business folks across North America.  Maria is an authority on full cycle payroll, legislation, year end, management reporting, and creating payroll leaders.  She is a sought after speaker on all topics of Canadian Payroll.

Maria’s goal is to provide employers and employees the most up to date information in order to make solid effective financial decisions.